Beef on Weck - An Upstate NY Thing

When visiting my girlfriend's family out in Upstate NY, I was delighted to discover a regional thing that has not made its way to the rest of the country yet: The Beef on Weck. The "weck" part comes from the Kummelweck Rolls they're served on, rolls completely covered in salt and caraway.

The night before Thanksgiving, not too many places were open, but we found a Weck available at a place in Geneva, NY called Beef and Brew.

Holy shit! You'd think a thick layer of salt and caraway might be too much, but, next to that pile of meat, it's perfect. This is a flavor assault, and I was all too happy to be pummeled thusly. The only qualm was that the beef should have been a bit rarer. For perfection nearby (plus a local brewery), try Rohrbach's. I also just found out that one of my favorite restaurant's in Brooklyn (Mile End) has started serving them.

Unlike my purist girlfriend, I got my weckage with cheddar cheese and grilled onions. Take that Arby's!Served with Steak Fries - 7/10 - They didn't have that perfect crispy/soft dynamic, though they were great for dipping in the array of sauces I acquired.Starting at 12 o'clock: Ranch, Bourbon BBQ Sauce, Horseradish Mayo, and Jus
The ranch was fairly thick, a little sweet, a little mild - a 7/10
The bourbon bbq sauce just tasted like a bottle of Kraft BBQ sauce to me - 4/10
The horseradish mayo was really good, but it could have used more horseradish - 8/10
The jus was good - I don't feel a reason to rate it.

Be prepared for this situation. I'm a fan of licking one's fingers, so I was all for it.

They also have a bunch of local draft beers! Don't be fooled by the glasses they're poured in.

Conclusion: This was a good place to try a Beef on Weck, which you really must try. After that, you'll be all too happy to find a really great one!

Beef on Weck rating as a concept: FFF!
FA Rating: F+
Price: $$

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