Best Burger Joint on Vashon Island: Zombiez

This "Big Zzzz" burger is what I should have gotten so that I wouldn't have to be jealous of my friends when I ordered the daily special:
"Lavender Grilled Chicken Sandwich with heirloom tomatoes, honey mustard,  and onions on a fresh baked bun"

I tasted no lavender, and the the chicken was so thick and non-juicy that it was kind of rough. Stick with the juicy burgers:

My other friend's jealousy-inducing "Zat Burger"

This is one of the kinds of fries I'm not that into (Fry Rating: 5/10), but other love their homemade-y taste. What made up for this for me, was this situation:

Boo yah! Sauce heaven!

Behold the trail of saucery! Then imagine that I probably created twenty more permutations of mixture possibilities.
They have those Dry sodas, which I like (around 45 calories each and just sweet enough, with no high fructose or artificial bull shit).
Plus, I <3 crushed ice.
For my chicken sandwich plus fries plus Dry soda, it was $12.50. My friends who got fountain sodas got the combo meal deal and paid a few bucks less.

I only wished I had room left for their horchata or salted caramel ice cream, or perhaps their daily vegan flavors of maple sky or toasted coconut.

Then there's the sense of fun this place carries! Games! 


They don't have a website as of yet, but their Facebook page can keep you abreast of such wintery specials as this: "Some healthy baked goodies later today..... Spiced Pumpkin muffins. Your choice between Vegan or Gluten Free, goes great with our Curried Yellow Lentil Soup. They'll be out in about an hour..... a perfect Friday afternoon pick me up."

They're open Friday-Wednesday, 11-7 on weekdays and 10-7 on weekends.

Award: Best Burger Joint on Vashon Island
FA Rating: F
Price: $
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