Expensive Chocolate Bullshit - Komfort Chockolates

So far I've only tried two of the wacky flavors (Tortilla Lime, Ramen, Savory Ramen, French Toast, Apple Pie + Graham, Movie Night (popcorn)).

Ramen Noodle - It did have fun pieces of ramen in it, but it was more silly fun than tasty yum. Only 53%? Come on!

You can see the little uncooked ramen noodles.

I've been too indoctrinated by the health conscious/yuppie foodie school of thought to enjoy milk chocolate anymore. The French Toastiness didn't taste particularly French Toasty either. If you like milk chocolate, you'll enjoy this, but not to the tune of the $3.50 (online) to $9 (yuppie stores) you'll have to pay for this novelty shit.
There were little crackers of a French Toast-esque persuasion scattered about.

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