Best Coffee Shop in Burlington: Muddy Waters

Matching the adorable name (Muddy Waters) is the delightful wooden and rustic decor of Burlington's best coffee shop.

One wall is wood, one is brick, there were pictures on the wall (cute owls drawings, "F is for Flamingo," "T is for Turtle," etc.), a bookshelf of randomness (a distinct preponderance of eco books). 

Americano Rating: 7/10

They have yerba mate lattes - I didn't taste my date's.

Bagels with cream cheese are nothing special, but they do give you a crap load of your choice of loaded cream cheeses.
Zucchini walnut bread - quite good!

I enjoyed the restroom graffiti.

They also offer knishes, a daily soup (parsnip ginger leek was that day's), smoothies, juices, great looking cookies, some scones, and five local or local-ish beers. Everyone who worked their and patronized it was so friendly. There's plenty of space to work on your book, read a book, chat with a friend, etc. I just love Burlington, what with the friendliness and the laidback-itude that leads to a completely casual little cafe where you can get an espresso, a smoothie, a soup or some beers with your friends. Is it as delightful to live there as it seems to an outsider?

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