Best Fries in Portland, ME: Duckfat

As you might be able to guess from the name of the restaurant, their Belgian-style fries are fried in duck fat!

Small Fries - $5

They are amazing, flavorful on their own, medium thick with a crispy outside and soft inside, a 9.5/10. But my favorite part is that they're one of those Belgian fries shops that have a shit load of fun dipping sauces to choose from. You get one dipping sauce with a small order of fries.

Smoked Tomato Aioli - So good! What fun flavors to put in an aioli! 

Devastatingly, something happened to my picture of the Thai Chili Aioli I also ordered (which the waitress gave to me for free instead of charging the $.75 it was supposed to cost for each additional sauce). It was delicious and actually tasted in a strange way like spicy queso dip. I'm sure all their sauces are delectable. Prepare to spend a shit load of calories here, but it's all worth it.

A list of some of the dips you maybe encounter:

  • Thai Chili Mayo
  • Horseradish Mayo
  • Toasted Curry Mayo
  • Sweet & Spicy Mustard Mayo
  • Lemon-Herb Mayo
  • Truffle Ketchup

They also have a few magnet poetry sets on the wall for anyone to play with. My poem is amazing, yes?

They also have other food and beverages. Plus, they'll make their fries into a poutine with duck gravy if you want!

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