Brownie Batter Donuts

I saw the commercials, and I passed by three Dunkin' Donuts on my way to work every day, gazing at the heart-shaped donuts in the case longingly. Though Dunkin's donuts have always let me down in the past, I finally just had to do it. They came out for Valentine's Day, so they may disappear any day!

Brownie Batter Donut - $1
Every time I passed by the things, I assumed the brownie batter was just in that glaze on the top and that it would be a frustrating whisper of brownie-ness. I figured I'd grab one, take a picture and a bite or two and then blog about how Dunkin' Donuts had once again fooled me into eating sugary cardboard.

But I was wrong. The brownie batter was filled inside the thing, and it was stuffed! It was a huge wad of brownie batter! Just like when I'd eat a sixth of the brownie batter before baking them when making brownies as a kid. I just wish we could get our culture to realize donuts are dessert. Donut places should not stay open from 5 AM and close early. They should open at 2PM and stay open late.

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