Cutest Coffee Shop in Portland, ME: Yordprom Coffee

Americano Rating: 6/10

At Yordprom you can choose between an absolutely delightful backyard patio and the nice tables indoors. The walls are decorated with the cute coffee shop-obligatory local art (around $150-275 a piece). There's a water cooler with 6 oz Dixie cups, and on the wall to the right of the pastry case hangs a whisk with the key to the restroom.

My favorite thing about Yordprom is the small bookshelf below the water and coffee dressings (which includes truvia packets), that is comprised of several books on Maine and a random smattering of others including Ditching Mr. Wrong and War and Peace. I like to imagine myself as a local here, spending my summer mornings reading War and Peace on the patio as the cool morning breeze and my americano gently wake me up for a morning of writing, drawing cartoons, and working on my food blog.

Almond croissant $3: So big! It had that annoying almond roca paste that so many places use in their croissants, but the croissant itself was softer and flakier with a sweet glaze all over.

Americano - $2.25 - Not amazing, but better than Starbucks.

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