Funkiest Sandwiches in Burlington: Four Corners of the Earth

FA Rating: FF
Price: $

The entire experience at Four Corners of the Earth was generally pretty funky. I found the place intriguing from online reviews and wanted to discover the truth for myself. It took us a while to even find the place. Go south on Pine st. just past Kilburn St. and then take a left into the little corner of businesses there.

The entrance is also confusing, but here it is.

There's a long menu of about 25 delicious sounding sandwiches, but it's kind of a surprise what's in 'em. You can ask what each one is, but you might be there a while. Just order whatever sounds best to you and see what you get! How fun!

We weren't sure when to pay, so we ordered and sat down. Almost ten minutes later we realized it was cash only. We weren't sure if they just weren't making our sandwiches because we hasn't paid or what, but they didn't day anything. It didn't seem so busy that it would be taking as long as it did, but we just kept waiting in confusion. My date left for the nearest ATM (at Market Fresh a block north). A few minutes after she got back, we finally received our sandwiches, which was about thirty minutes after we ordered them. We paid at the end, and we're still not sure if that was weird of us.

There were fun things to see while we waited.

I want this salt shaker!
They had fur blankets on the benches!

That's me!

They serve beer, wine, Tazo teas, and espresso.
Jamaican Avocado - With mayo, Jamaican spices and basil, lots of basil - This was really nice! The mayo and avocado are so creamy together, cushioned in the lightly toasted but otherwise soft white bread. The basil really makes it. Those three flavors with a little heat accentuating them come together to make a particular combination of flavors that I'd never have gotten around to myself but was very glad to try!

German Pork Sauerkraut - With a little whole grain mustard, mayo, slices of pork - My date's tastes were as boring as the Germans'.

So bring cash, go with plenty of time, and have a sense of adventure about the menu, and you'll be happy!

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