Oprah's Favorite Fried Chicken: Ezell's

FA Rating: f++
Price: $
Make sure to order: Fried chicken and rolls

I was staying with a friend about half a mile north of a restaurant he said made Oprah's favorite fried chicken, that in fact she occasionally had it flown to her in Chicago when she had a craving. Obviously, we had to go.

It was bustling, as it probably almost always is, though my group comprised the only four white customers. We considered that a great sign.

They're also kind of famous for being a bit mean (or curt, let's say) at Ezell's (Seattle: Central District), but the lady who took our order was totally nice and patient with us. One by one, upon out attempts to order them, she informed us they were out of okra, mashed potatoes, and corn. She might as well've listed what they did have: fries, baked beans, cole slaw an potato salad.

The fried chicken, to which, by then, we'd been looking forward for days.

Your soda options

They use "future friendly" packaging! How nice!

Fried chicken, tattoos, gum balls, and cheap plastic toys! Now this is what I call one stop shopping.

The chicken was juicy, succulent perfection. Huge chunks of tender white meat encased in crispy (but not that weird, fake, fast food, bull shit crunchy) skin. We got half "original" and half "spicy." The spicy was so good, just a little heat that comes at the end and builds up if you eat several bites in a row but never hurts your mouth. The regular is juicy and flavorful too though, in case you're scared of a little cayenne. Was it the best fried chicken I've ever had in my life? In a sense, yes. It's perfect in its class of simple, fried, inelegant, down home cooking fried chicken. But in New York City there are a couple of places where I had fried chicken I enjoyed more.

Gizzards: Damnit, I thought I remembered that I didn't like gizzards much the one time I had them at that Hartz' buffet! But then I read some review where some guy said it was the meal he wanted to eat as his last, these gizzards, so I made my friends buy them. Gizzards are so fucking rubbery, who the fuck could like them so much? That must be some childhood shit. I'm sure these were great for gizzards, but I'm done with these little digestive organs.

Fries are crinkle cut and were a little limp, at least by the time we got home fifteen minutes later, but I like 'em limp. They were clearly just from a frozen bulk bag of crinkle cut fries though. Fry rating: 5/10.

The rolls were soft as fuck with just a little whisper of sweetness instead of them actually being "sweet rolls" like a Hawaiian or a potato roll. You just couldn't ask for a better roll. Lord.

The BBQ baked beans were great but no better than anywhere else.

Ranch was $.35, and, fortunately, Litehouse makes a good goddamn ranch. 

These are the thumbs up and creepy smiles of satisfaction.

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