Trader Joe's Croissants

Trader Joe's frozen croissants are amazing. Parisians tell me that they're just as good as fresh croissants from street carts in Paris. This is in large part because if you don't make them yourself, you're never going to be able to get them fresh like you can from a street cart that makes them constantly. Even at the best bakeries, therefore, they'll never measure up.

This is where Trader Joe's croissants have the upper hand. You're in control, so eat them right out of then oven, twenty minutes after popping them in. Well, maybe twenty-three minutes - don't hurt yourself.

Remember: they have to rise overnight for 9 hours.

Optional: Brush your croissant in egg. Don't be like me and soak it all over  because this way it'll stick to the sheet after baking.

So beautiful!

Pair with espresso!

It has been pointed out to me by my not-quite-such-a-chocolate-whore girlfriend that these things may pack too much chocolate for some in the morning. For such people, they'll make a better dessert. Trader Joe's also has almond croissants and miniature plain croissants.

My next move, on the other hand, will be to fry up some bacon and stick it in my chocolate croissant.

On a related note, please don't buy the ready-to-eat croissants in the bread section. Once you've had a good croissant, you'll find the pre-made ones to be an insult to pastries.

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