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The Gallows: A Love/Hate Relationship

I've now been taken to The Gallows (South End in Boston) on two dates. If it were my money in question, I'd probably never have gone because it can get pretty expensive. It's possible to keep your bill down to a reasonable range, but you have to be very disciplined in the face of a really interesting menu.

The space is nice, with fun spooky-ish decorations. On 8 PM on a Wednesday it was way too cramped, loud and dark for my taste. At 5:45 on a Saturday, it was a bit better on all three counts.

On the time I arrived when it was full, we had cocktails in the lounge area while we waited. They have a fun cocktail menu, all $10. They also have fun bar snacks, such as a $6 daily taco, $5 pumpkin seed cracklins, and a $6 scotch egg.

The menu changes constantly, so you can't expect all of these things to be there, at least in this exact form, if you go.

Our server couldn't sing the praises of the Ploughman and the Farmer highly enough, so we got those.

Chicken Liver Pate 

Trivia, Pizza & Beer: Penguin Pizza

Home to what is, as far as I can tell, Boston's only Saturday night trivia, Penguin Pizza became even more appealing for a night of real fun.

They have a shit load of gourmet pizzas like this:

They also have over 330 beers (40+ draft lines, and if you drink them all, you're in some kind of hall of fame with a special mug and discount. Good luck actually achieving that, but it's bound to be a lot of fun trying!

Best Lattes: Voltage Coffee & Art

Voltage (Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA) is a great coffee shop for lots of reasons: a good deal of space for chatting or writing your novel, local art on the walls, wifi (with a minimum purchase of $2 per two hours) fun little foods, and high quality coffee. What makes them stand out in Boston is their list of "Exotic Flavored Lattes."
I've also tried the more traditional Beyond The Sea Latte - Homemade Caramel and Salt - Also delicious.

The only problem is that it's difficult to drink these hot lattes when the temperature is allowed to hover at the 82 in the summer. The baristas are passionate and really know their shit, not just latte art-wise but  actually on a chemistry level. Call it a science or call it an art, they're doing everything right at Voltage.

Best of Daytona

Best of New Smyrna Beach:

Best of Fort Collins, CO