Best Lattes: Voltage Coffee & Art

Voltage (Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA) is a great coffee shop for lots of reasons: a good deal of space for chatting or writing your novel, local art on the walls, wifi (with a minimum purchase of $2 per two hours) fun little foods, and high quality coffee. What makes them stand out in Boston is their list of "Exotic Flavored Lattes."

Devil May Care Latte - $3.50 - Molasses and Lemon Zest - You might worry that such a combination wouldn't work, but if it's on the list, trust them, it works. 
I've also tried the more traditional Beyond The Sea Latte - Homemade Caramel and Salt - Also delicious.

The only problem is that it's difficult to drink these hot lattes when the temperature is allowed to hover at the 82 in the summer. The baristas are passionate and really know their shit, not just latte art-wise but  actually on a chemistry level. Call it a science or call it an art, they're doing everything right at Voltage.

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