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Our Hostel in Kotor, Montenegro

Previously: Virpazar and Skadar

When we got to our unpronounceable hostel (Hostel Kaludjerovic), the owner immediately brought us a big plate of (flavorless) bread, prsut (smoke-dried ham), and sir (cheese).

I found both inedibly pungent, fatty and salty. Later, my friend Cortney went to Kotor and brought back really good, smokey prsut and cheese from the Saturday outdoor market in Old Town, Kotor, so if you can, try the local foods from there instead of from your hostel owner.

The night before we left Kotor, we drunkenly came in around midnight to try to buy wine, cigarettes and toilet paper since the Maxi down the street was closed. Three men who were flirting with us women folk gave us all cigarettes and wouldn't let Robert pay for them. One of them said he'd been living for the past two years on Martha's Vineyard.

The lady working there sold us a bottle of wine for $5 euro but didn't seem to like us there and didn't offer glasses. Another man in an orange work…

Virpazar and Skadar Lake National Park

After the deadly car ride from Ulcinj, we made it to Skadar Lake National Park.

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Breakfast at Venus - Ulcinj, Montenegro

Earlier: An Albanian road trip

On the first morning of my Balkan road trip, we had breakfast at Venus in Ulcinj.

Everyone was so nice and handled English pretty well here. The food was tasty, like a really good IHOP and even cheaper, way cheaper.


Doing as the Romans, I was apparently going to be an alcoholic for the next ten days. After breakfast, at exactly 9 am, we all cracked open our Niksicko Darks (a Montengran brand of the same generic, crappy dark beer you get anywhere in the Balkans).

Driving on these tiny, winding, pot hole-ridden and often sunken mountain roads on the way to Skader Lake National Park had more the jerky feel of snowmobiling than driving. I needed a beer to be okay with the slightly increased possibility that I was about to die.

Albanian Road Trip - To Montenegro

Earlier: Restaurants of Tirana

I'm in an eight passenger van riding from Tirana, Albania to Ulcinj, Montenegro. There are only six passengers because the friend I came to visit in Albania is in the hospital with a bursting cyst from a bladder infection, and I opted to leave her in Albania to accompany these strangers on a ten day Balkan hostel road trip.

Scott is driving and has been fearlessly navigating his way through thus lawless second world urban traffic, squeezing the Veto Mercedes bus van through narrow alleys and angry traffic jams. He has passed slow drivers using the other lane on the road, pulling back into the right lane inches before an oncoming car would have smashed into us at full speed. We play this game of chicken, on average, every two minutes.

I'd feel worse about the Malibu Rum Scott had immediately before we left, but he had it mixed with coffee (cutting his downer with an upper), and the disturbingly unsophisticated combination of flavors involved in that …

The Pit - Shoulda Gotten the Ribs

My girlfriend likes to use an app that finds restaurants near us that have been on food shows. For our first meal in Raleigh, this led us to The Pit because of Bobby Flay,  the Man vs. Food guy, and two other shows. Bobby Flay lost his throw down at The Pit. We were in a great BBQ state. Clearly, this was going to be amazing.
There's lots of seating inside and out, and of course, having escaped April in Boston, we enthusiastically basked in the sun. Our waitress couldn't have been more friendly, always refreshing when I return to the south. I was happy to see that they give you the option of 10 or 20 oz beers. I love being able to either limit myself to a good lunch size of 10 oz. or else try several different smaller beers at night.

It's possible we really should've tried their ribs and wings, but these meals failed to impress us to the point where we'd understand why the place has been on four food shows. That being said, I've love to go back again to try th…

Restaurants in Tirana, Albania

Other than street food, your dining out options in Tirana are pretty limited. On my recent visit I went a good slice of them.

At the Taiwan center there's a Steak House and a Fish House. I went to the Steak House:

The fuckers were out of draft beers. Whatever, save room for food.