Best Coffee in Brookline: Cafe Fixe

Espresso Rating: 9/10

I was almost ready to vote for the best coffee shops in Brookline for CityGusto, but I had to due to diligence and go to one last coffee shop, Cafe Fixe. I wanted good coffee, breakfast, and a place to spend half an hour on my computer, and I was slightly nervous as I approached the cafe, as you never know what kind of coffee shop you're about to walk into.

My fears evaporated as soon as I walked in past the two tables outsides. Those were occupied, but inside there are five more tables as well as bar and stool seating for seven. It was immediately clear that this was also a place of earnest coffee-making. They have the paired down elegant menu I came to recognize in my coffee tour of Seattle as the hallmark of great espresso (Drip, French Press, Pour-over, Triple ristretto espresso, Macchiato, Affogato, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Hot cocoa, Chai, and Tea, though at Cafe Fixe they use no capital letters, like e.e. cummings and Haagen-Dazs' five ice cream line. The lower case lettering was accompanied by jazz over the speakers, suggesting the place's understated classiness, if suggesting it a little overtly.)

The triple ristretto espresso is the only way to go for espresso, and the baristas are knowledgable about and skilled at preparing it. I gave it a 9/10 because I didn't get as full a flavor profile as I'd like with this creamy, nicely bitter espresso deliciousness. There's a different guest espresso every day.

They have pastries for The Danish Pastry House, and the woman who took my order told me she likes the almond croissant the best. It was that almond roca-y kind of almond, but a less sickeningly sweet version than most. Apparently no one can beat Canto 6's almond croissant, but if you've got a set of sugar teeth, you'll probably still devour this.

Trebirkes - a traditional Danish pastry - I love poppy seeds.

They have free wi-fi with no password. The name of it is CafeFixe30MinLimitPlease. It was spotty but not bad for open cafe wi-fi. The restroom isn't marked, but it's around the pastry case.

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