Best Coffee Shop in Boston: Render Coffee

Espresso Rating: 10/10

I've been to them all, and Render Coffee (South End) is the best. The knowledgable and passionate baristas serve up truly exquisite espresso in which you can actually taste all those flavors and notes and hints that are supposedly in espresso.

Coffee is first and foremost for the Renderers, so the food ranges from great to good. They offer pastries from Iggy's, soup during the winter, and a selection of sandwiches - and not just a few boring cafe sandwich offerings, either. They often have a pulled pork sandwich that's supposed to be great.

Every espresso I've had has been absolutely amazing. 

My latte-drinking friends and lovers tell me these are also superb here.

Almond Kringle - $2.99 - "The best pastry we serve" according to one barista. The Kringle has this doughnut like, almost raw dough delectableness. The filling is almondy of course, but it's also like the indecent pleasure you get it you melt butter, add in sugar, and then beat in eggs.

The espresso here is seriously like chocolate. Like 85-90% dark chocolate. The pairing of the sweet Almond Kringle and the complex bitterness of this espresso ("Rustico Espresso") was almost too good to handle.

Chocolate walnut scone - On the other hand this was nothing special. It was sweet, not that soft, and they didn't warm it up. 

Quiche - good but too spinanchy egg whitey

The seating at Render is another selling point. There are may two or four person tables. There's the initial section past the counter, a slightly raised, quieter, dimmer room with more tables, and an outdoor patio with several more. No matter which section you choose, they will bring your coffee out to you.

The first time I went, they also happened to be doing a free coffee tasting, which was educational and delicious!

On the other hand, on my second visit parking was a bitch, and then my date and I had to wait for ten minutes, holding our coffees and pastries, hawk-eyed in our pursuit of a table opening up.

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