Breakfast at Venus - Ulcinj, Montenegro

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On the first morning of my Balkan road trip, we had breakfast at Venus in Ulcinj.

"Fried Pancake: cheese, ham, mushrooms, cream, pickles" - 2.50 euros or $3.28 USD. Way too much mayonnaise or "cream," but you just had to scrape a lot of it to the side and dig in.

"Sweet Pancake: euro crem, banana, plazma, nuts, cream" - 1.80 euros, or $2.36 USD. Can you believe that shit?

We all started wondering what the hell plazma was. Actually, what was "euro crem" versus "cream" versus "plazma?" At the time, we figured "plazma" must have been yogurty sour cream and "cream" was mayonnaise since there was "cream" on the savory one, which seemed to be mayonnaise. "Euro crem?" Who knew. Eventually, we would learn otherwise. The mystery will be revealed in an upcoming post.

From this point forward, I realized that everywhere we went in Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina, they had their own sugar packet labels.

Everyone was so nice and handled English pretty well here. The food was tasty, like a really good IHOP and even cheaper, way cheaper.


Doing as the Romans, I was apparently going to be an alcoholic for the next ten days. After breakfast, at exactly 9 am, we all cracked open our Niksicko Darks (a Montengran brand of the same generic, crappy dark beer you get anywhere in the Balkans).

Driving on these tiny, winding, pot hole-ridden and often sunken mountain roads on the way to Skader Lake National Park had more the jerky feel of snowmobiling than driving. I needed a beer to be okay with the slightly increased possibility that I was about to die.

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