L'Aroma Cafe - Hmph

Espresso Rating: 6/10

At 9:45 on a Friday morning L'Aroma was packed, with a five minute line to order and a twelve minute wait to receive a double espresso. I was able to snatch up one of the sixteen small tables, but I only used it to sit and anxiously wait for my coffee, then guzzle it down in sixty seconds before running out the door to get to my dentist appointment.

Double espresso - $2.25 - A somewhat bitter and nondescript espresso 

White chocolate and pistachio scone - It would've been a lot better fresh or heated up. It was kind of sweet, the outer layer was a bit dry and hard, and it was dense and soft inside, but with very little flavor.

Maybe I should've gotten the Nutella Loaf.

At least when it finally gets warm outside in Boston you can sit in one of the seats on their patio, supposing you're willing to assault someone for a table.

L'Aroma Cafe is just another of Newbury Street's stylish monuments to vapid consumption.

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