Virpazar and Skadar Lake National Park

After the deadly car ride from Ulcinj, we made it to Skadar Lake National Park.

Part of Besac, a 15th Century castle

View from Besac

We went on a boat tour that cost 14 KM (10 for the boat tour, 4 for some sort of National Park pass). Our German-speaking tour guide pointed out this 16th century Ottoman monastery turned Montenegrin prison.

We ate at Konoba Tavern in Virpazar.

The bread wasn't bad here. It was soft and had some flavor.

Chicken soup - boring, just a notch up from a Campbell's can - 2.5 euros

The yellow Balkan fries that show up everywhere

I asked for "eel from the grill" but received it fried. Anyway it was delicious and attracted us a sizable following:

Chicken Supreme, with garnishes

Ah, espresso. 

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