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Kalpaki, Greece

Previously: Monodendri, Greece

We stopped for espressos at a cafe in Kalpaki that boasted free wifi, though none of us ended up trying to ask for the password from the Greek-speaking owner.

One of the two men sitting at a table there knew some English, apparently from some work on a ship that docked 40-60 kilometers north of NYC in 1968, and he used it on us to welcome us to Greece, to warn us to be careful in Albania, and to invite us to some day return to the wonderful town of Kalpaki (i.e. bumfuck nowhere), where he'd be waiting for us, in this same cafe, and at which time he promised to pay for our coffees.

I think I will start taking America's blessings less for granted. I can get good beer, good food, good clothing, gyms, good laundry machines, good heating, good roads, safe water, and think nothing of it, complain at the least little thing, be overwhelmed by choice. I hope I learn to take it easy and enjoy the abundance, the cleanliness, the safety.

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Monodendri, Greece

Previously: Ioaninna

First of all, Monodendri is a tiny little area with very little around. The reason to go there is basically the Vikos Gorge, by one definition the deepest gorge in the world.

There aren't a heck of a lot of options for dinner in Monodendri. We had a charming meal at a place called something something Kikitae.

Ioannina, Greece

Earlier: Meteora and Kalabaka

Ioannina seemed to have its shit together in terms of bakery + coffee combo places and more modern kinds of business, attire, English-speaking in general. But good luck finding parking. It seemed that the tourist neighborhood near the Byzantine Museum was where all the parking and most of the restaurants were.

A Guide to Kalabaka, Greece

Previously: Pogradec

You come to Kalabaka, by the way, for the monasteries and view in Meteora.

Any in Kalabaka we stayed at a wonderful hostel called Koka Roka.