Monday, April 15, 2013

Best Cafe in Harvard Square: Crema

Good god they have a lot of fun soups, pastries, and quiches here. I wanted to try everything.

It's too bad it was totally crowded, but my friend and I did find some seats at the bar. You may have to go at really off times in order to do any laptop-ing here. I've come on a freezing Tuesday at 9:30 and it was still completely full, no seats, a wait in line to order. On a snowy February at 12:30 on a Monday, no seats available as always. 

Canele Bordelaise - $2 - A really nice, if indulgent amount of caramel
Strawberry Chocolate Basil cupcake -  $2.21 after tax
I really don't like cupcakes and their frosting that much, but the combo was kind of interesting, so once again I accidentally ordered one. The good news was that there was some brownie mix-like center to this cupcake. Basil-wise, though, I could've used more than one candied leaf. Maybe there was supposed to also be some infused in there, but I couldn't taste it. Either way, I've finally learned my lesson: do not fall for cupcakes. Cupcakes suck.

Honey Walnut Thyme Scone - $2.50 - A pretty hard exterior, not as soft inside as I'd like either, but good flavors

Orange cardamom sticky bun: Eh, cute flavors but too creamy sweet. I've gotta stop ordering stupid shit just because it sounds interesting. 
Turkey and jicama slaw sandwich ($7.75) with avocado, bacon, ancho chili vinaigrette, and mayo on a toasted boule - The least disappointing cafe sandwich I've had in a long time. Perfectly toasted boule, perfect balance if the fresh ingredients, even a pile of toppings that were basically an extra side salad.

Americano was creamy and wonderful, not very bitter at all, a mild 9/10
Americano, 2nd Time: surprisingly not good. Maybe it was my bad mood or the annoyance of it being served In two cups I couldn't get apart, defeating the hand warming potential of a nice cup of coffee on a 16 degree day during the half mile walk I had ahead of me and also preventing the lid from fitting snugly on my cup so that coffee was constantly flying out all over my jacket and scarf, but I don't think so, it wasn't a good americano. It didn't taste right. Hmhph. It is true that getting coffee in a to-stay cup can make a world of difference.

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