McDonalds in Bosnia-Herzegovina

In Mostar the McDonald's is in an extremely nice mall.

5 KM/BAM ($3.35 USD) for Big Mac, Hamburger Royale, Royale McChicken, or 3.70 KM/BAM ($.46 USD) for a Dupli Cheeseburger.

The Royale TS was easily the best McDonald burger I've ever had.  That mayo, lettuce, onion combo on that weird McDonald's grill flavor, ohfuck. Fuck Big Macs - they don't make them fresh like they do the Royales. Or maybe the best way to go would be a Royale with the thousand island sauce. This was a far cry from the experience I had at a McDonalds in Roxbury, MA.

They had some a tasty curry dipping sauce but no ranch.
I'd never seen a McDonald's like this anywhere. 

The menu was a bit paired down. The cashiers spoke surprisingly bad English. 

Check out the McCafes in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Shiiiit.

Though this chocolate fudge cake was pretty bad

A child's basketball court?! You might not even wind up morbidly obese if  you go here all the time as a kid!

Instead of balls, they had an obstacle course! You could time yourself against your friends!

Look at these decorations!

While we were there they played four Red Hot Chili Peppers songs, a Ricky Martin song, and then literally every hit Rihanna has ever had, so that we finally realized we were just on a tour through one of the employees' iTunes.


They built this McDonalds around a wall and kept the old graffiti.

Their McCafe menu - Care for a bubble gum latte?

It's maybe just a bit worse than par for espresso in Sarajevo.

I forgot how fucking good these chicken sandwiches could be, with just a little shredded lettuce and some mayo melting all over the fresh fried chicken patty. Mmph. Plus the little box it came in was adorable.
The supposed wifi at all the locations didn't work at all.

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