Old Town Kotor Restaurants

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In Old Town Kotor:

The area you go through to get to St. John's Fortress

From which you get this view. It's time like these, standing on a fortress at the top of a mountain in Kotor, Montenegro, gazing out at the gorgeous view of the sky, mountains, village and sea, or while ambling down the roughly hewn mountain in the secret passageway, that I think, "Ohhhh I wish I had wifi so I could check I to Four Square. I would totally be, like, the fucking pope."

Once you're done climbing up and down the 1350 steps to the top of the fortress and have worked up a nice appetite, stop by this nice restaurant in Old Town called Cesarica.

It's only got two large tables, and it's very cute inside.

The bread was okay, but save your room for fish and wine.

All prices in euros. I seem to have lost the page with the fish on it.

This sea bass was awesome. About the time on my trip in the Balkans, I finally realized one should pretty much always just order a fish wherever you go.

"Is it over already?"

"Some people eat fish heads, right?"

Next up: Coffee in Morinj, on the way to Bosnia-Herzegovina

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