Roy Moore Lobster Co.

I have the greatest girlfriend ever. One Saturday we woke up without plans, and she told me she was taking me somewhere. We arrived in Rockport and went straight to Roy Moore Lobster Co. (the shack, not the newer full service location). You walk into a little shack, place your order, and then take your food out back to a handful of tables by the water.

Four lobsters for two lobster lovers! $12/lb, about a pound and a half each. I told you my girl was the greatest. Seafood is expensive anywhere, but this is as cheap and caught-right-there-that-morning fresh and casual as a place gets.  

Plus, I actually really enjoyed the clam chowder, which I almost never like.

Both of mine were pregnant. I tried the red and green stuff, but I didn't like the flavor of either. The green was also mushy and the red like stale rubber. I guess that's what happens when you steam roe. Sad.

Foodie Asshole Problem #34 - It's hard to get all that lobster out of your teeth!

Ahhh, satisfied.
Lobster Roll - A completely plain lobster roll on non-buttered or toasted white bread, it could've used just a little mayo and salt. It's nothing special here, so stick to the lobsters.

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