Sarajevo's Attempts at International Cuisine

I went to Sarajevo with a group of Americans and Canadians who'd been living in Albania for several months to a few years (plus one Albanian, who'd been living in Albania for much longer). They were all quite interested in having some international cuisines. In Sarajevo they'd found a place with sushi and a Moroccan restaurant. After just a little more than a week, even I was excited to have something different.

We went to Karuzo for sushi and drinks.

Bruschetta Karuzo - two kinds. This is probably the worst bruschetta I've ever been served in a restaurant, coming as it did on two slices of wheat bread. It was pleasant enough, but if I were served this in America, I would laugh.

Smoked Salmon Chirashi - 14 KM - Salmon and cucumber seasoned and served over rice, cool, whatever 

Rolls: Karuzo Roll - 14KM or $9.20 USD: crab stick, avocado, cucumber tobiko
Caviar Roll - same price: same without crab stick and with more tobiko or caviar 
I gave them both a C+. If you haven't had sushi in a year, this'll do nicely. If you have, it's enjoyable anyway.

Just six little tables, very small, very cute nautical decor
"Vitamin Salad" !

What's a "chocolate and apple cube"? I will never know. "Amaranth pudding"? "La  Macedonnia with ginger sauce"? I wish I could have tried everything.

Another night we went to Maroko, the Moroccan restaurant.

It was huge and stunningly beautiful.

The bread was good, with a nice sweetness to it, but don't fill up on it because you've got pita coming.

The best thing here was the pita, coming out well-herbed and sesame-d, fresh from the oven with air bubbles. It was hard not to scarf the whole thing down.

Oriental Cauliflower Cream Soup, with cauliflower, carrots, cream, almonds and spices - Now this was good.

The Mutabel (baba ghanoush) was good.

The hummus was fine, but we had no idea it would be curried hummus, very curried.

It was strange to be dining in this Casablanca-y heaven, amidst a few other early diners, presumably among the wealthier citizens of Sarajevo, while being served vegetables that had clearly come from a frozen bag.

Turkey Tagine (22KM) and the other entrees: The meat was dry, the seasoning mediocre, all the vegetables were of the mushy consistency that always comes from having been frozen. It was basically like a college cafeteria's "home cooking" kiosk. They only had expensive wine by the bottle there, as they were out of the one house and red and white the menu said could be ordered by the glass for 6KM.

If you go, go to enjoy the atmosphere, and just get some mutabel and some soup.

They also have a Cheers Bar in Sarajevo, which I found delightful. Inside, there was a Savage Garden cover band.

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