Tramontana in Morinj, Montenegro

Earlier: Old Town Kotor

Just past Kotor, on the way to Bosnia-Herzegovina, is Morinj, where we had the best coffee of my trip to The Balkans.

Every coffee shop should be on the water.

This coffee was an 8/10, best of trip so far, just like in the U.S. at Pavement or thereabouts.

Every nice or even nice-ish cafe in Montenegro (Bosnia-Herzegovina too) had their own sugar packet label. 

The morning after four of us drank four bottles of wine, the last of which we had to buy at a bakery out of which we may or may not have been subsequently kicked out, on the same someone's dock off of which we'd jumped earlier, drinking and smoking and talking about life and reveling in happiness, we woke up and got back on the road, on the way to another country with yet another currency, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the latter half of which I first heard of four years ago when I decided to learn where all the world's countries are, we stopped in Morinj for espressos and pooping, which we accomplished at a beautiful cafe/restaurant/bar on the water called Tramontana, where we came up with the idea to start a yoga video series called Hungover Yoga.

Also, they had awesome restrooms.

Next: Stolac!

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