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Best My Bagel Asshole

Bagel Hole is on allthe topbagel lists of NYC. I never got around to it when I lived there, so when my girlfriend and I, who live in Boston, were coming down for a long weekend, I put it on the list. You can't get a good bagel anywhere butNYC, so it was important to us to go to one of the best places.

Two bites in, we looked at each other and confirmed through the disappointed looks on each other's faces that both of our bagels were all wrong. They weren't the perfectly chewy goodness we came for at all. They're supposedly made fresh throughout the day, and it looked like these were, so what the fuck? Freakin' Finagle-a-bagel is better than these were! I enjoyed a few bites of the pound of creamy whitefish salad, and the scallion cream cheese was fine of course, but we threw almost all of these in the garbage and went to Hanco's for some yummy banh mi.

Was this an off day, or what?

Another Farm Burger!

The 4th Foodie Asshole approved burger ever!
Click here for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd (forthcoming: Bull City Burgers in Durham, NC).

The Farm on Adderley (in the Kensington/Borough Park area) is one of those great New York City restaurants where almost anyone might come and eat. The back patio is magical. Suppose you're a little drunk and perhaps a little high, this is the place to spend a silly hour or two.

The bathroom smelled straight up like Christmas time wassail. I had this impulse to look through the dresser drawers in the bathroom, but that was just a leftover from having been to Sleep No More the night before.

And the burger was actually awesome! It was good beef, and they made it perfectly rare! The English muffin was the perfect size in all dimensions for the thick but not too wide meat patty. It's nothing crazy, but it's in the top ten burgers I've ever had. I give it a 94. 

As the night got late and the delightful backyard patio grew more sparsely populated, i…

FoMu's Funky Vegan Ice Cream Opens in JP

FoMu is a new Centre Street addition, branching our from its original Allston location, serving all vegan delights. Most of their flavors are coconut milk based, but they have a soy-based soft serve and a few cashew- and almond-base flavors. I've had some truly amazing cashew-based ice cream before, so I can't wait to give those a spin. They have a shit load of flavors to try in general though. Many of them are normal (Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel) that stay pretty steadily on the menu, but they also have some queer ones that they're changing around all the time (Rice Honey Lavender, Peanut Butter Mud Pile, Rose Water Saffron).

Vegetarian Qofte in Gjirokastër

Previously: Not peeing in Kalpaki, Greece

We ate at a little place called Kujtimi in Gjirokastër after looking at the cute castle.

Also, they spoke good English there. The salad and bread were, of course, quite simple. They gave us lemons with our gas waters, which was a nice touch.

Next up: After another day or so in Tirana, it was time to back to the airport for home.