Best My Bagel Asshole

Bagel Hole is on all the top bagel lists of NYC. I never got around to it when I lived there, so when my girlfriend and I, who live in Boston, were coming down for a long weekend, I put it on the list. You can't get a good bagel anywhere but NYC, so it was important to us to go to one of the best places.

Everything with scallion cream cheese

Everything with whitefish salad

Two bites in, we looked at each other and confirmed through the disappointed looks on each other's faces that both of our bagels were all wrong. They weren't the perfectly chewy goodness we came for at all. They're supposedly made fresh throughout the day, and it looked like these were, so what the fuck? Freakin' Finagle-a-bagel is better than these were! I enjoyed a few bites of the pound of creamy whitefish salad, and the scallion cream cheese was fine of course, but we threw almost all of these in the garbage and went to Hanco's for some yummy banh mi.

Was this an off day, or what?

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