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Sugar Baking

Takes level up, $5 for every $50 spent Several tables to work at, never gets full

Cafe Bartlett Square, Cafe Fartlett Square

I really wanted to like this place because it is so damn convenient. Just across the street from the Green St. stop on the Orange Line, I watched over the course of the past several months as construction slowly progressed on the large building that would become overpriced condos, a yoga or pilates or whatever studio, some yet to be determined businesses, and Cafe Bartlett Square, promising espresso, baked goods and ice cream. Apparently this corner was called Bartlett Square, though I've lived there for two years and have never heard anyone call it that. But okay, Cafe Bartlett Square, whatever. "Let's see," I thought.
The place is huge, giving it an instant advantage over Canto 6., just a two minute walk east, which has two tables. It even outdoes Ula, half a mile to the north, which has several tables but is usually crowded with laptopers and, all too often, noisy children. CBS has more tables than I bothered counting inside, as well as another dozen outside. It&…

El Pelon - Another Boston Fail

Silly New Englanders recommend places to me all the time where I can supposedly get good Mexican food. I am from Texas, so I smile politely and nod. Occasionally I get around to trying these places out. At El Pelon, once again, I was disappointed.

 If you've never had a real torta, you really must. They are great sandwiches. They should look more like this:

Also my girlfriend and I both felt slightly nauseous after eating there.

Ample Hills Creamery

The same friend who inspired the name of my blog pointed out that the name Ample Hills Creamery sounds like a boob reference.

Buddy Brew: Quite Possibly the Only Really Good Coffee Shop in Tampa

Espresso Rating: 100
Their iced latte was so good too. They only have soy milk for non-dairy options, but it's delicious soy milk. If you want less milk, ask, otherwise they'll give you a 24 oz with a ristretto shot.

Boston's Sushi Restaurants

I haven't tried everywhere, of course, but I'll continue adding to this sushi spectrum:

1. Uni
2. Oishii
3. Duozo
4. Super Fusion
5. Misono
6. Fugakyu
7. JP Seafood Cafe

1. Uni

2. Oishii - 87/100

If you or your lover are super rich, Oishii (South End and Chestnut Hill) may be the place for you. I couldn't have guessed how expensive the place would be from the website since the online menu doesn't list prices. Pretty much everything on the menu was at least $18, mostly a lot more. This is one restaurant that lives up to the four dollar sign warning.

There were other more innocuous ones, but for $12 do you really want a lychee martini that is best described by shrugging and saying, "It's good."? Sticking to water will go a long way to making your check more reasonable anyway.
Now this was delicious. The mango was nice, the baby ginger was excellent but there was so little of it. Mostly I just wanted to eat pieces of that tuna nonstop for the rest of my life. The accom…