Ample Hills Creamery

The same friend who inspired the name of my blog pointed out that the name Ample Hills Creamery sounds like a boob reference.

Left: Straight Up Bourbon Soft Serve with Sprinkles - My girlfriend who loves vanilla and loves soft serve adored it. I thought it was a little too bourbony myself.

 Right: Salted Crack Caramel on Pretzel Cone - 
Intense saltiness, melting too fast not to immediately devour the entire thing. Also because it was fucking delicious.

I want more!
This fat man at the table next to us ordered this banana split, let me take a picture, and then ate every single bite.

Everybody loves 'em!

A line/hoard of people (20 minute wait at 4:30 on a Saturday) eagerly awaiting the hot afternoon's cold, creamy relief. 

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