El Pelon - Another Boston Fail

Silly New Englanders recommend places to me all the time where I can supposedly get good Mexican food. I am from Texas, so I smile politely and nod. Occasionally I get around to trying these places out. At El Pelon, once again, I was disappointed.

The salsa fresca is almost as unfresh as Trader Joe's salsa fresca. If you're from the North East, you'll probably like both (the mild version at TJ's for you, of course).
The guacamole's all right if you mix in the green hot taco sauce.
I haven't had a good tamale since I bought a dozen for $4 from a Mexican lady pushing a cart through the neighborhood in Houston. This was no exception. The thin sour cream sauce was similarly pointless.

The tacos are decent enough, the carnitas and carne asada are a little chewy but not bad. If you're in the area and just want some tacos, then all right, El Pelon will do.

The worst part was the "torta," here a bastardized version of the real thing. Served, ironically, on a large wheat bun instead of a soft, smaller white one, then overfilled with toppings that will, upon your first bite, spill its creamy mayo juices and guacamole all over your fingers, the meat and lettuce and shitty salsa fresca falling into the too-small-for-the-fallout carton on which they serve it to you.
 If you've never had a real torta, you really must. They are great sandwiches. They should look more like this:

Also my girlfriend and I both felt slightly nauseous after eating there.

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