Stowe's Best Burger: The Prohibition Pig

The Prohibition Pig will forever have a place in my heart because...

The second Foodie Asshole approved burger! Click here for the first.

Sauces on the table!

They're all quite good, especially the bacon barbecue sauce. Mix them all together!

Fried pimento cheese with a chili pepper jam ($6.50): So good! Beautifully complimentary.

Duck Fat Fries ($6.50): 8/10
Smoked paprika aioli: okay, not very flavorful actually
Truffle ketchup ($.50): just truffle and ketchup

Blackened green beans ($4), to make us feel healthy about this meal.

The Pro Pig Burger ($9) with ground pork patty, house bacon, and chopped pork BBQ slaw. Perfectly rare, great quality beef, juicy and wonderful in every way. You've just finished a day of skiing, you say? EAT THIS.

Duck fat zeppole ($7) - So many donut holes! So hot and fresh! Filled with eggy, pancakey fluff (just like a popover) and covered in powdered sugar and cinnamon. Maybe they'll add a dipping sauce one day! Wonderfully non-oil-drenched.

They have a bunch of draft beers, and you can get halves or fulls:

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