Sugar Baking

Takes level up, $5 for every $50 spent
Several tables to work at, never gets full

Raspberry corn cream biscuit: best thing I ever had there

Blueberry scone: soft, with sugar crystals and frosting. More dessert than most but totally enjoyable and at least it's not dry like so many cafe's scones.

Chocolate chocolate chip cookie: quite good, but not up to canto and Wegman's standards. A little too sweet, doesn't stay quite soft enough. Probably nice fresh out of the oven.

Orange poppyseed tea cake: good

Lemon bar and raspberry bar: good but not for me

Raspberry pocket: good

Raspberry twist $2 - heavy, dense, sweet, great raspberry. Way more dessert than breakfast. No matter the occasion, you shouldn't be eating more than half of one at a time.

Double espresso: 8/10 ($2)

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