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The Best

Best Sweet Potato Fries I've Ever Had: Buff's Pub

Where can you listen to Avril Levine's "Complicated" while eating Boston's best wings and onion rings and the world's best sweet potato fries (served with a killer chipotle ranch)?

I didn't think it was even possible for me to have favorite sweet potato fries, but I've found 'em at Buff's Pub in Newton, MA (in the Boston area).

For starters, the size of the pieces range from nugget to dildo. I don't know what kind of magic they perform in the kitchen, but these things are fried so perfectly so as to get an exterior texture I assumed was impossible for sweet potato fries: just the most perfect coat of crunch around the soft sweet goodness inside.

I dipped them in blue cheese dressing, house dressing (a really nice spiced up sour cream dressing), my wing sauces, and every combination of those, but they were arguably best on their own! If you know me at all, you understand the enormity of what I, sauce whore extraordinaire, have just posited.

We als…

Tamago - A Jiro Dreams of Sushi Thing

Every time I saw tamago (or "egg omelette" on the menus with this crude English approximation) on a sushi menu, I always laughed to myself. "Why would anyone want to pay a few bucks for some egg on a some rice when you could have fish and tobiko and avocado and fun sauces etc.? Silly vegetarians I guess."

Then I watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi (twice). If you haven't yet, you're behind, and this is one of those things that everyone talked about in 2012 that you really should've gotten to (along with Gone Girl and Pitch Perfect) There's a good chunk of the movie about these little egg pieces, and apparently they can be egg masterpieces, taking months or years to master. 

The tamago at Jiro's restaurant looked nothing like the tamago I'd ever seen, which thus far had probably only been on a sushi flashcard or a sideways glance at a sushi conveyor belt in a mall, but I decided to start looking harder.