Best Sweet Potato Fries I've Ever Had: Buff's Pub

Where can you listen to Avril Levine's "Complicated" while eating Boston's best wings and onion rings and the world's best sweet potato fries (served with a killer chipotle ranch)?

I didn't think it was even possible for me to have favorite sweet potato fries, but I've found 'em at Buff's Pub in Newton, MA (in the Boston area).

Normally the range of quality is between that frozen bag that almost everywhere uses and the kind made on site, which often come out someone limp. The sweet potato fries at Buff's Pub are actually worth a special trip by themselves.

For starters, the size of the pieces range from nugget to dildo. I don't know what kind of magic they perform in the kitchen, but these things are fried so perfectly so as to get an exterior texture I assumed was impossible for sweet potato fries: just the most perfect coat of crunch around the soft sweet goodness inside.

I dipped them in blue cheese dressing, house dressing (a really nice spiced up sour cream dressing), my wing sauces, and every combination of those, but they were arguably best on their own! If you know me at all, you understand the enormity of what I, sauce whore extraordinaire, have just posited.

I'm really just not that into onion rings, and, Buff's Pub has proved that to me once and for all by the virtue of also having exquisite onion rings. If you don't like these, you don't like onion rings at all. These are big and crunchy as fuck without coating your fingers in grease. There's no disappearing onion act in any of them either. If you like onion rings at all, you must order some.

My girlfriend is from Upstate NY and has strong wing opinions. She took me to The Distillery when visiting her family last so that I could see NY wings. She says Buff's Pub has the best wings in MA and has tried them at dozens of places in order to make this claim validly. They are bigger and juicier here. Her favorite flavor is Honey Hot.

My favorite flavor is the newest addition: Garlic Cheese Sriracha. It might not be on the menu, but you can still order it.

We also tried Spicy Teriyaki. The spicy teriyaki were a bit hotter than the honey hot, which we liked, but they were just a bit too sweet for me. We felt if we could get honey hot just a little honey hotter, that would've been perfect. I bet you can ask for it hotter, so we'll try that next time. 

And all this being said, stick to the good stuff at Buff's. If you have real burger standards, for instance, tempting as this may look it won't live up to them. Also I apparently needed to specify the egg should've been over easy.
The regular fries are great, but not amazing, so stick to the other two.

Order a Buff's Pale Ale, tuck a napkin into your shirt, and dig in.

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