Eating (and more) in Mexico City

Sit Down Restaurants:

1. Maximo - in Roma Norte
Eating here was the best thing I did with my ten days in D.F.

2. Restaurante Si - in Roma Norte (Veracruz y Durango)
Go for mezcal, mole and meeting new people

Fast and Easy:

1. Tres Galeanos - in Roma Norte (Obregon y Jalapa):
Everything was so delicious and fun.

2. Tacos los Parados in Roma Norte (Baja California y Monterey):

Tacos Pastor de Arrachera

Coffee/Breakfast Shops

1. Patisserie Dominique (Chiapas between Medellin and Monterrey):
The berry rojas (red) tort was amazing and the perfect size.

2. Cafe Especialidad in Roma Norte (Queretaro y Orizaba):
If you want good espresso in Roma.

3. Cafe Episodios - Roma Norte (Orizaba and not quite Chiapas )
Mostly because it's cool inside and it's where William Burroughs shot his wife in the face.

4. Starbucks (This one was at Orizaba y Chihuaha, but there are a few other locations), just to see the differences.


1. Neveria Roxy:
Mamey ice cream - 18 pesos ($1.37) for this cup (cones available too). I like these same serving sizes. It's like 3/5 cup. I'd never tasted anything like it.

Things to do:

1. If you're in the mood for a slammin' dance club, ask someone where Patrick Miller is.

Fight, fight, fight!
   A. Afterwards, you can eat at a place called Covadongo (see below), a huge bingo hall-sized restaurant where artsy people congregate for eating, drinking, smoking and discussing philosophical and artsy shit. It's international and diverse and has horrible restrooms with no seats. The food (anchor down) isn't amazing, but it's good.

2. Go to the lesbian club Lisptick.

This happens, but it's also great for dancing and flirting and workin' on your Spanish :]

3. Definitely take a bus out to Teotihuacan:

4. Watch a movie at the theatre in Spanish without subtitles, especially if your Spanish isn't great.

5. Palacio de Bellas Artes, Palacio Nacional, and all the other stuff you feel like in Zocalo square:
The cool part about the Palacio Nacional is the huge amount of Diego Rivera mural.

It never stopped being creepy that there were policia with huge guns everywhere.

6. Lucho Libre, just to see it once.

Among the many, many things being peddled by the stadium-walkers (beers, waters, Lucho Libre dolls, Lucho Libre belts, etc). were those Instant Noodle cups.

Be warned, though, that the restrooms there were like animal stalls. Mostly no
seat lids and no tp at all. You have to get a paper towel by the sink beforehand.
7. Spend a lot of time in the warm, perfect sun on a bench in one of the many parks, reading a great book or two. Ahh... that's the life.

Covadonga, continued:

Chorizo Torta con Queso 90 pesos ($6.90 USD) - served with thin fries - The place is more expensive than most places in Mexico City, but the atmosphere is worth it.

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