Tamago - A Jiro Dreams of Sushi Thing

Every time I saw tamago (or "egg omelette" on the menus with this crude English approximation) on a sushi menu, I always laughed to myself. "Why would anyone want to pay a few bucks for some egg on a some rice when you could have fish and tobiko and avocado and fun sauces etc.? Silly vegetarians I guess."

Then I watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi (twice). If you haven't yet, you're behind, and this is one of those things that everyone talked about in 2012 that you really should've gotten to (along with Gone Girl and Pitch Perfect) There's a good chunk of the movie about these little egg pieces, and apparently they can be egg masterpieces, taking months or years to master. 

The tamago at Jiro's restaurant looked nothing like the tamago I'd ever seen, which thus far had probably only been on a sushi flashcard or a sideways glance at a sushi conveyor belt in a mall, but I decided to start looking harder.

From Douzo in Boston - My first (after watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi a few weeks earlier), I will pronounce it a 6/10 because it was much tastier than I would have imagined, but it didn't slay me and wasn't like the kind in the movie.

From Fugakyu in Boston  - $4.25 - My first! I found these to be a bit too sweet and airy. I gave it a 4/10.

From Osaka in Northampton, MA - $3 - A little dry maybe, but I really enjoyed it. Maybe it's growing on me. I'm going to stop making up a number rank for now.

Super Fusion in Brookline ($3.50) - Not overly sweet and denser than most, I really liked this one. 

Super Fusion II (in Watertown): too sweet and cold and dense 

My future ex-wife surprised me one evening with takeout from the Oishii in Chestnut Hill. Their tamago ($4.50) was by the far the best I've ever had. It was sweet, and the texture was very smooth, sort of flan-like, which I guess makes sense.

Genki Ya - oddly sweet and the worst texture I've had so far, almost chalky spongeyness
Natsumi - Maybe even better than Oishii. It was moist and dense and sweet but not too sweet.

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