Vegetarian Qofte in Gjirokastër

Previously: Not peeing in Kalpaki, Greece

We ate at a little place called Kujtimi in Gjirokastër after looking at the cute castle.

Vegetarian qofte: potatoes, onions, peppers, egg, cheese, paprika, garlic, spinach, oregano, some kind of binding meal - delicious, perfectly crispy. Even Bobby, who's lived in Albania for 4.5 months, had never seen vegetarian qofte anywhere before, so we all ordered it and loved it.  We all agreed, it wasn't just Albania good - you could serve that shit in America.
Also, they spoke good English there. The salad and bread were, of course, quite simple. They gave us lemons with our gas waters, which was a nice touch.

Some plane they think might have been an American spy plane

View from castle
At some random convenience store on the road back to Tirana, I found Dracoulinia Cheetos! Why do we not get fun shit like this in America?
Next up: After another day or so in Tirana, it was time to back to the airport for home.

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