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Anger and Disappointment: Grass Fed

A few months after my original review (below), this time in January 2013, I tried Grass Fed for a second time because my new foodie girlfriend was curious. They still insisted they are unable to cook burgers to less that medium. Perhaps we shouldn't have ordered it takeout. When we called, the girl who took our order told us it'd be ready in 15 minutes. We got there in 5 minutes and then waited 5 more minutes to go in, so that we'd be only 5 minutes early. When I walked in and inquired, my bag of food was already sitting on the counter.

"Oh the takeout order? The takeout order... Oh, hello, yeah, it's right here. That'll be $20.05."
It seemed to me like our food had already been sitting there for a bit. Long enough at least that it wasn't immediately on her mind. I mention this because the burgers were not just not a good use of meat this time, they actually tasted bad. They tasted like old burgers. It reminded me of the premise to the old TV show Tee…


Why has no one else ever read A Separate Piece? Every time I ask someone, they say they've never read it, often have never heard of it, sometimes say it sounds familiar, and occasionally say they read it but it was a long time ago ("Okay, so do you remember what it was about, basically?" "Um, life at a boy's prep school?" "Well, yeah, that's the setting, but do you remember what it was about?" "I dunno, it was in high school*, so."

I care because there's something in my life I would really like to explain by comparing it to the relationship in that book. I never get to have this conversation.
The book is so good and so different and observes some really interesting human shit. Please read it. It's not even that long.

*This is why I say books read before age twenty do not count. What you remember at all will have been through the lens of someone who did not have enough life experience to have understood anything, or at least n…

Poe's Kitchen at the Rattlesnake

I'd been itching to try Rattlesnake (Back Bay) for a couple years before I finally did. It's got a totally foodie asshole menu, with just about every description sounding like it came out a random foodie phrase generator:
"tequila cream cheese""wasabi ginger sorbet""habanero saffron slaw""duck fat infused ground antelope"etc.

I want to like this place because I do love the fun menu.

Update: I've been back once more for their roof deck.

There was no wait for two on the rooftop on a sunny Saturday at 2pm.

The rooftop is really nice, but the draft beer selection is too small to even come just for beers. The selection f beers is better downstairs though and there is an outdoor patio. Anyways it's mostly bros and hos there, except on pride weekend.No wait for 3 on rooftop on Saturday sunny day at 2pm Nachos with pepper jack cheese sauce: awful because the cheese sauce was a curdled mess. It's too bad because the chips were good, the s…

Talking to Yourself

What a crime that we've stigmatized talking to oneself in this society (I can't speak for 'em all). I think we ought to be doing it all the time. Out loud, that is. The talking to ourselves that we should try to tamp down on is the internal ruminating bull shit (bills, appointments, things we need to remember to do, reliving past conversations and imaging hypothetical future ones, etc., mostly stuff we've already thought about several times already and will get nothing but anxiety out of by going over yet again).

When you next catch yourself doing this rumination (probably in the shower, while walking, while bored at work), start talking out loud to yourself instead. I'll bet you find you start saying different things, newer things, things you find more enjoyable to think about. You might have a realization about something or think of a good idea you want to try.
It's like talking to someone. I often find that it's when talking with someone that I have my b…

The Best Pizza in Boston: Picco

My girlfriend has lived in Boston for twelve years and has eaten pizza just about everywhere, in search of somewhere that will live up to her memories of Pontillo's Pizza in Rochester (though she's also taken me to Pontillo's, where we've found it's (surprise, surprise), not as good as it used to be). After more than a decade of research, she declares that Picco is the only place in Boston for her.

At first, I thought it was just okay.

But Picco is also great for its other stuff. They have an ever-changing selection of appetizers, salads, sandwiches and pastas, plus some fish tacos that always stay on the menu.

Goat Cheese and Chicken Enchiladas ($11) - These were so good.
They make ice creams and sorbets in house:

Random OCD shit:

The Village Bakery and Cafe: Pittsford, NY

You ever stay at someone's home who drinks Folger's and need to escape and find some good espresso? All the time, you say? Me too. We escaped Victor for Pittsford, and I determined, using all my apps, that The Village Bakery and Cafe was our best bet. It was a little tricky to find, hidden behind a silly Starbucks, but it's thoroughly worth the extra effort. 

Our americanos were good, a few notches up from the burnt shit at Starbucks. More importantly, though, these people have some FOOD.

The one thing about this place is that, it being one of the few places worth getting breakfast for miles around, it's crowded. You might have to stand around for a while like a hawk, swiping half a table you'll share with another couple or family.

Best Drunk Burger: Tasty Burger

Where can you go at 1:30 in the morning for a Butta Burger (a burger drenched in butter plus sauteed onions, which is amazing) plus cheese 'n' gravy fries and, while in line, make friends with a group of strangers who somehow spontaneously wind up singing "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid with you as you wait? That'd be Tasty Burger (Fenway, Southie, and now Harvard Square).

It's like Shake Shack in that you get that wonderful fast foodish gluttony of burgerdom but without the shittiness of fast food. Shake Shack uses a potato bun to Tasty Burger's sesame bun, which I would've thought was inherently superior, but a sesame bun is such a classic harking back to uncomplicated childhood pleasures that it does bring a different layer of pleasure. Thus, even more than Shake Shack though these things are smushed, simple indulgences that your brain can shut up and enjoy, thinking only, "Mmm, mmm, oh yes, yes, yes, ohhh yes, mmmm." Though …