Overrated Ordeal: Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage

People had told me many times I needed to try the Harvard Square institution Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage.

The line out the door was about twenty people long, but we were given menus after five minutes and seated after twelve. We sat at the end of a long table of people. Our waitress was super nice. Thus, we were prepared to like the place.

The Chara - bbq sauce, bacon, jalapeno pineapple relish, and grilled onions - They cooked mine correctly, their thick burgers being great for cooking burgers rare. Unfortunately the bbq sauce overwhelmed the other flavors, particularly the jalapeno pineapple relish, which was pretty much the whole reason I ordered this one.

I subbed in sweet potato fries for the baked beans. The sweet potato fries ("The best in town!" according to the menu) were thick and soft and something you could make at home. It's true that they weren't out of a bag of frozen pre-made sweet potatoes like a lot of places, but they also don't deserve some award. (For the best sweet potato fries in town, go to Buff's Pub in Newton.)
My side of Russian dressing was a decent enough dipping sauce for them. They have pickles and a sweet pickle relish on the table.

The Scott Brown with jalapenos, grilled onions, bacon and American cheese (served with French Fries) - It was a nice topping situation, but they overcooked this one.
Their fries were not crispy at all.

I'd rather get a Tasty Burger than go through the Mr. Bartley's line. I'm still searching for a great burger in Boston though, with good quality beef, cooked perfectly rare, and with harmonious toppings and bun.

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