Talking to Yourself

What a crime that we've stigmatized talking to oneself in this society (I can't speak for 'em all). I think we ought to be doing it all the time. Out loud, that is. The talking to ourselves that we should try to tamp down on is the internal ruminating bull shit (bills, appointments, things we need to remember to do, reliving past conversations and imaging hypothetical future ones, etc., mostly stuff we've already thought about several times already and will get nothing but anxiety out of by going over yet again).

When you next catch yourself doing this rumination (probably in the shower, while walking, while bored at work), start talking out loud to yourself instead. I'll bet you find you start saying different things, newer things, things you find more enjoyable to think about. You might have a realization about something or think of a good idea you want to try.

It's like talking to someone. I often find that it's when talking with someone that I have my best ideas (you know when you're just going on about stuff and you say things that you'd never actually thought of until you were saying them (or the moment right before you said them)?). Or I'll remember a great story I hadn't thought about in years and want to include in the memoir I'm writing. Or I'll come up with a new cartoon. At the very least, a good talking to someone session is one of my favorite ways to spend my time.

When I'm alone and don't want to commit to the potential time cost of calling someone up, I can always talk to myself. Or if I'm in the shower and my attempts to meditate seem downright futile, I can talk to myself aloud. It's wonderful, and I never realized till today just how much more I ought to be doing this.

Everyone knows it's okay to talk to yourself when you're alone anyway. As long as no one hears you. I think it's Ellen who talks in one of her routines about talking to yourself in a public restroom and then when someone walks in all of a sudden you have to transition whatever you're saying into singing since that's somehow acceptable while talking to yourself somehow isn't.

Well I don't see why only homeless schizophrenic people should get to talk to themselves out loud whenever they feel like it.

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