The Village Bakery and Cafe: Pittsford, NY

You ever stay at someone's home who drinks Folger's and need to escape and find some good espresso? All the time, you say? Me too. We escaped Victor for Pittsford, and I determined, using all my apps, that The Village Bakery and Cafe was our best bet. It was a little tricky to find, hidden behind a silly Starbucks, but it's thoroughly worth the extra effort. 

Our americanos were good, a few notches up from the burnt shit at Starbucks. More importantly, though, these people have some FOOD.

The Caroline: A thick slice of brioche with a load of gruyere, bechamel and ham, with a poached egg atop it - $7.95 - There was so much wonderfully melty gruyere, and the bread was big and soft and sweet. Get this one.

The Lily: A biscuit with brie, pancetta and a poached egg - $5.95 - Could've done with a bit more brie, and the biscuit wasn't as flaky as I'd hoped, but the poaching was perfect.

Going halvsies on the breakfasts with my girlfriend. Giving you a look at the insides.

The pastry case went on and on, and everything looked so good.

We got a bunch of tea cookies and macaroons to go.
I was sad to leave these behind. Why didn't I get any?

The one thing about this place is that, it being one of the few places worth getting breakfast for miles around, it's crowded. You might have to stand around for a while like a hawk, swiping half a table you'll share with another couple or family.

It's also the kind of place that has bread and olive oil samples out!
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