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Taqueria Face Off in Waltham, MA

Winner: Taqueria El Amigo

It could almost be a little place in Mexico City. It's cash only, you seat yourself, there are cute decorations and Spanish music playing. It's the most authentic place to get Mexican in Boston I've found so far.

Loser: Taqueria Mexico

Here you wait to be seated in this much larger, heavily decorated joint. It was hoppin' on a Friday night, with a mariachi band playing so loud my date and I could barely hear each other even when yelling.

While we waited for fifteen minutes to get the check, the damn band started up again.

My question is, what the fuck is going on with the high ratings on urbanspoon? 91% with 295 votes?

From Zagat: "the best mexican in boston area if you want autentico!!"

Sadly, that's not far from the truth, but only because Boston's Mexican scene is that bad. However, as noted above, there is better Mexican food in Boston.

From Gayot:"... And the food clinches it."

The only thing this food clinched…

Searching for Mexican in Boston

Good Mexican, that is. Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar in the Back Bay has been the best uppish-scale one so far. At least, the menus and experience are so fun that I want it to be.

With your bill, you get little tattoos! How cute is this Lolita? One less than cute thing, in the women's restrooms the stalls have no latches and one of the toilets was barely connected to the floor so that you wobble around. Cuidado!

I really want to go again before completely forming my opinion. The latest menu has my mouth watering.

Eating (and more) in Mexico City

Sit Down Restaurants:

1. Maximo - in Roma Norte
Eating here was the best thing I did with my ten days in D.F.

2. Restaurante Si - in Roma Norte (Veracruz y Durango)

Fast and Easy:

1. Tres Galeanos - in Roma Norte (Obregon y Jalapa):
Everything was so delicious and fun.

2. Tacos los Parados in Roma Norte (Baja California y Monterey):

Coffee/Breakfast Shops

1. Patisserie Dominique (Chiapas between Medellin and Monterrey):

2. Cafe Especialidad in Roma Norte (Queretaro y Orizaba):
If you want good espresso in Roma. 3. Cafe Episodios - Roma Norte (Orizaba and not quite Chiapas )
Mostly because it's cool inside and it's where William Burroughs shot his wife in the face.

4. Starbucks (This one was at Orizaba y Chihuaha, but there are a few other locations), just to see the differences.

1. Neveria Roxy:

Things to do:

1. If you're in the mood for a slammin' dance club, ask someone where Patrick Miller is.