Cafe Episodios - Where William Burroughs shot his wife in the face

Cafe Episodios (Orizaba and not quite Chiapas ) - Mostly because it's cool inside and it's where William Burroughs shot his wife in the face.
Something like: "Better grain, better cafe. Highest cafe in fruity Palenque with notes of dark something wine."

Espresso double - good size - good caffeine - bitter in the way that the shittiest espresso in Los Estados Unidos is, but it does the job. They'll warm up your leche, if you want. They also had french press coffee, which tasted better.

These little fruit and nut mini scones weren't that bad, fairly moist and not too sweet. They'll bring out your food and coffee to you.

It's a really fun cafe.

Cool art up in there

And there's a bad ass patio in the back

They'll make any of their salads, sandwiches and pizzas any time of the day, so my friend got a chorizo pizza. I wasn't a big fan.

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