Hate Mail!

I received this message through Urbanspoon today:

"You are an idiot. I happened to see a review you left a pizza shop near to where i live. I dont own it or have any stake in the business however I did work there when I was in high school. Your review review shows how dumb you are. The sauce is hand made and spiced from bare tomato paste and the dough is fresh made daily. I worked at several shops when i was a teen including pontillos (which you referenced) and no one is close to the freshness (ingredients) of this place. You are a tool, your so called blog sucks and youre not particularly attractive. People like you spewing hate trying to damage peoples livelihoods on the internet (for some shitty blog fame) when you obviously have no clue about real food make me sick. (I created an account just to say this, don't bother responding im deleting it)" - brian tsl

I assume he's referring to my Urbanspoon review of Carbone's Pizzeria as it, like Pontillo's where he worked as a teen, is also in Rochester, and because I call Carbone's sauce canned, the dough cheap, and generally insult the ingredients.

My review:
"The other reviewers have apparently never had a halfway decent pizza in their lives. Canned sauce, cheap dough, old mushrooms, bland cheese. We tossed this out after eating a piece each and stopped at Pontillo's in Victor. And I never throw food away.
4* out of 5 found this review helpful"

It's a sad state of affairs indeed if these people are making the shit they call pizza by hand with what might have been quality ingredients when it comes out tasting like one of my mother's earliest attempts to make pizza.

But anyway it's to people like him that I'd like to say, I'm not trying to "spew hate" or "damage peoples [sic] livelihoods" with my blog. This place has an 89% approval rating on Urbanspoon. I'm trying to throw my voice in the ring to inform others who are passing through and trying to decide where to eat. My voice is sometimes just a vote and/or a picture I submit. For others, they'll click on my profile and be able to look at other restaurants I've reviewed that they've been to. If they generally agree with me, they'll probably skip Carbone's and go to Pontillo's or somewhere else instead, in which case I did my job. If they generally don't agree with me, they'll probably go to Carbone's and perhaps be happy to eat there. I use Urbanspoon and other food blogs all the time for this purpose. I want to find other foodies like me so that I can spare myself a waste of a meal and find better food instead.

If I'd wanted "shitty blog fame" for my review, I would have put it on my blog. I put it on Urbanspoon though, where all I get out of it is the satisfaction of potentially saving people with good pizza taste the trip. If I sound particularly harsh in my review, it's because I feel the need to be a counterweight to the reviews below me that call Carbone's "Rochester's best pizza. Period." or "Carbone's is the best pizza in town. I have been eating here since I was little, so I may be a bit partial." Yes, yes you may be. I am not partial, so I added my opinion. I'd hate for people to read those people's opinions, eat at Carbone's, and then think, "Well if that was Rochester's best pizza, then screw Rochester pizza."

*Presumably he was the one who voted it as not helpful.

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