Maximo- in Roma Norte (Zacatecas y Tonala):

Eating here was the best thing I did with my ten days in D.F. If you go for lunch, you can get a gourmet-as-fuck three course meal, plus an amazing drink, for 150 pesos, prix fixe ($11.20 USD). They had a good English speaker for me. The menu is different every day, depending on the market place. You usually need a reservation, even for lunch, but I got I. Without one because it was just me, and it wasn't busy yet. They have a Pre-fixe menu for $150 each day.
Agua del dia - 20 pesos (when not PF) - guava y cucumber - medium lightly sweetened with guava and wonderful cucumber, the freshest shit I can imagine drinking. I've never had a drink I thought was such a perfect amount of sweetness. I never drink juice, but I would drink this every day.

The bread was crispy and soft and warm. The dip was fun and smokey, mesquite.
The waiter hovered nearby to serve me more bread the moment I was about to finish. I had to stop him from bringing me a second dip too.

Jerusalem artichoke soup - It was chicken bothy but with good flavor, thick, nicely oily. You could really taste the artichoke. So good.

It was tender and succulent, the best octopus I've ever had. The sweet cucumbers, savory bean paste, and tangy orange cream sauce perfectly complemented the little guy.

Fuck me, this may be the best meal I've ever had, and it cost me about $16.40 USD including tip. You know how sometimes a meal can make you giddy with joy? Inspiringly good.

Oh shit, I didn't even realize there'd be dessert. If you know me at all, you know I am not a vanilla eater. But, you guys, this vanilla bean helado was the fucking bomb. Creamy as heaven. The strawberries perfect fly ripe and complimentarily sweet with the most precise hint of tart.

I went back the next day for another round:

Agua del dia - guava y limon - just as good as yesterday. So refreshing it's insane.
Saw the menu today - a lot more expensive a la carte than I would've thought considering the $150 pre fixe. Fuck that shit, I thought. I'll get whatever today's PF is. 
Once again I had the amazing bread and dip.

Mussels (would've been 145 pesos on its own!) The broth was buttery and rich as fuck. I wanted to drink it, but had restrained myself, considering how much fat there clearly was. Though it was actually a little too salty. As I ate more of the mussels, the butteriness and saltiness started getting a little bothersome.

The parpadelle (the least expensive entree available that day, still 150 pesos on its own)
The parpafelle was tasty enough but nothing special. It seems that sometime, with the PF menu, you get lucky and get a magical meal for 150 pesos and other times you just get a quite nice meal. It was the same vanilla ice cream and strawberries for dessert the second time.

This time I answered yes to the question of cafe at the end of the meal. I requested it in the form of espresso, and I'm glad I did because it was the best I had in Mexico. The cookie it came with was dense and tasty too. It was 43 extra pesos, but I wanted to find out whether it was included (it wasn't), and thankfully it was real and good. I am quite full now though.
One thing about this place is the one person bathroom that doesn't lock that well, so watch out for people saying, "Ocupado!" 

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