Monodendri, Greece

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First of all, Monodendri is a tiny little area with very little around. The reason to go there is basically the Vikos Gorge, by one definition the deepest gorge in the world.

Don't look down!

On the way to and from the gorge

We stayed at the Hotel Ladias, a nice, comfortable, clean hostel with a real shower, complimentary shampoo, body gel and soap, plus they brought us freshly made feta pies.

The complimentary breakfast the next morning started with some bologna, cheese, bread, pound cake, butter and raspberry jam. 

Then, along with coffee and tea, which Bobby said tasted like a monastery (in a good way! Sort of), they brought out more of that homemade cheese pie, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and local honey.

Two minutes after that we received four hard boiled eggs from chickens they own and sheep's milk Greek yogurt from, you guessed it, their fucking sheep, easily the best yogurt I've ever had, with or without the honey drizzled over it.

There aren't a heck of a lot of options for dinner in Monodendri. We had a charming meal at a place called something something Kikitae.

For anyone as interested in menus as I

The bread, which they bring you automatically, is .5 euro per person.

Vegetable pie 5 euros - with spinach, leeks, and lots of dill - pretty good but kind boring

Pork on spit - $7.50 - delicious! Moist and tender and juicy and succulent, served with onions and parsley - best non-seafood meat I had in Balkans/Greece

The chicken (7.5 euros) was fabulous - Food is simple in these parts, just nice people cooking up generous portions of simple dishes in wood fire ovens. The garnishing was a really nice touch here.

Sights on the way back to Albania

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