Oh, Boston Burger Company, You're Ridiculous

Boston Burger Company (Back Bay and Davis Square) has a ridiculous menu! And I love a ridiculous menu.

The King, with peanut butter, bacon, and friend bananas ($9.25).You should ask for the cinnamon bananas to be put on the side since otherwise the cinnamon totally overpowers the peanut butter, bacon and beef. Without the bananas (or with less seasoned bananas), this burger could be awesomely ridiculous! Try it! The bananas are tasty though, so still eat them.The baked beans had onions and bacon, yum!

The Hot Mess, with sweet potato fries, American cheese, chopped pickles, jalapenos, bacon, red onion, shredded lettuce, and thousand island dressing ($9.75), was messy Big Mac-esque deliciousness. I dunno what it is that makes the combination of shredded lettuce and thousand island so fucking good.
The coleslaw and chips were regular.

We asked for our burgers rare. At first they came back well done, but the very nice waitress (Back Bay location) immediately saw they were well done and volunteered to take them back without our even having to ask. They came back pretty close to a great rare.

Another time I ordered it medium rare and got a solid medium rare, especially for how thick these are.

Their veggie burger, topped with avocado, roasted red peppers, marinated tomatoes, mixed field greens and balsamic vinaigrette ($8.25), was pretty dern good.

Sweet potato fries: a bit thin but nicely crunchy outside/soft in. 8/10
We got a side of Boney's Special Sauce, which I believe is ranch, blue cheese, and buffalo sauce mixed together, a nice combination!
Our very nice waitress also offered to bring these out to us first, so we could have a proper appetizer.

Also great with good ol' ranch!
Side of fries ($3.99): Too big for one person, but with the Boney's sauce I did my best (and paid for it later). Thick, breaded wedges, yeahhhh.

Decent beer selection. I'm not sure when I'd have room for a pitcher of Kona and a King burger with baked beans, but maybe you could go with a few friends and share a pitcher and an appetizer sampler or wings or any of their twelve varieties of fries. 

Boston Burger Company on Urbanspoon
Boston Burger Company on Urbanspoon

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