Searching for Mexican in Boston

Three Guacamole Platter $14

Good Mexican, that is. Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar in the Back Bay has been the best uppish-scale one so far. At least, the menus and experience are so fun that I want it to be.

You start buy receiving a complimentary sorbet ice thing with tequila poured over it. A tequila-drenched amuse bouche? Nicely done, Lolita, you little temptress.
Spicy Cucumber Margarita $13: don julio blanco, serrano chiles combier liqueur, muddled cucumber - Delicious, if disturbingly expensive

The one with the bacon was great, cuz, well, bacon. One has crab, lobster and garlic butter, but it just tasted like guacamole with crab and lobster next to it. It didn't really come together. The third one is a normal one. Make sure you tell them you want in picante. These guacs are good, great by New England standards. It's still a bit hard for me as a Texan to see this as a $14 amount of fresh guacamole though.

House made habanero salsa - spicy but not too spicy
Roasted tomatillo - good but too sweet or me, needs more cilantro
Chipotle crema - A spicy sour cream Sauce - pretty good

Fresh, hot tortilla chips

Blackened mahi mahi with jicama slaw, chipotle crema, avocado, pepitas $15 - The blackening seasoning on the mahi mahi was so spicy so that it overpowered the other favors, especially the pepitas which just became menu flair at what I'm coining this foodie-mex kind of restaurant. 

Green apple cotton candy with pop rocks - complimentary. When do I vet get this? Never. Very endearing, ending our meal this way. The pop rocks were so fun with the cotton, dissolving and popping all at once :]. 

With your bill, you get little tattoos! How cute is this Lolita? One less than cute thing, in the women's restrooms the stalls have no latches and one of the toilets was barely connected to the floor so that you wobble around. Cuidado!

I really want to go again before completely forming my opinion. The latest menu has my mouth watering.

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