Sí - Mezcal and The Good Life in Mexico City

Restaurante Si - in Roma Norte (Veracruz y Durango):
They're big into Mezcal. It's good stuff, but it'll knock you down. I'd already had a glass when my friend and I, who'd been joined by an art collector, a political cartoonist, and the owner of the restaurant joined us. The art collector insisted on buying us each another tall glass of mezcal, explaining that we'd be cursed for three years if we didn't finish our glasses.

A little somethin' somethin' with your mezcal: orange slices and chile seasoning

Amazing Oaxacan Mole, sweet and rich, the best mole I've ever had, over duck enchiladas. Yes. 

Guava Flan - Oh it turns out I like flan if it isn't some shitty American b.s.

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