Starbucks in Mexico City

I went to a Starbucks while in Mexico City (This one was at Orizaba y Chihuaha, but there are a few other locations.), just to see the differences.
Cheese bread for about $.75 USD - now that's different!

Espresso solo $23 ($1.75 USD), double $27 ($2 USD) - somehow the espresso was even worse here than it is in American Starbuckses. It was bitter and astringent as hell and may have been the worst of my life.

Some of these looked pretty good.

I could see trying this one. They also had a mango frappucino here. It was mostly the same as in the U.S. though, the same decor, CDs, and barista cheerfulness. They have wifi there for customers - you get the code on your receipt.

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